Repair Boot Configuration Data - HyperVisor not running

Root Folder > Windows Hyper-V

1.      Using the following command, from an elevated command prompt.

         bcdboot c:\windows /s c:

2.      In diskmgmt.msc, right-click on c:, mark the c: partition as ACTIVE.

____This portion is to make a copy of the boot configuration data onto the C:\____

3.      Reboot.

4.      Confirm system volume partition now resides on C:\:

             Open DiskPart on an elevated command shell and run the following commands

             Select disk 0

             list volume (in the list under the info column, C: should display “system”)

5.      If DiskPart is Correct:

             In diskmgmt.msc, right-click on F:, format to NTFS

             On an elevated command shell, copy the system files back to the  (F:)

             bcdboot c:\windows /s f:

             In diskmgmt.msc, right-click on f:, mark the f: partition as ACTIVE.


             Run diskpart to check if F is the system partition

____After this, there was an issue trying to re-start the hyper-v's___

Error: The Virtual Machine could not be started because the hypervisor is not running

Opened up an elevated command prompt
2.          Went to %windir%\system32
3.          Ran command bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto
5.          Confirmed that the hyper-v's were able to start again.

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