Pearl Echo - Allowed and Blocked Websites not being filtered

Root Folder
Pearl Echo - Allowed and Blocked Website not being filtered.
This issue can arise when there had been an improper loading of the Pearl Echo Admin service.
Symptoms: Users are not being filtered and can access all websites regardless of restrictions and allowance.
                   Pearl Echo Admin changes are not taking effect (even after a workstation restart).
Cause: Because the Pearl Echo Admin service started improperly due to active directory updating or connections to users are reset causing an error. The connection between the admin console and users do not have a proper handshake. Although you can still see activity in the log it is false and users have no restrictions.
1. Restart the server that hosts Pearl Echo Admin
2. Client workstation - uninstall Pearl Echo Agent "start -> run -> ec7unins.exe" (do not repair or just reinstall over current installation - this will do nothing)
3. Restart Client workstation with uninstalled agent
4. Reinstall Pearl Echo Agent onto client workstation (check install config file to verify IP of admin server to communicate with)
5. Open CMD: telnet <PE Admin Server IP> 58000 (this will force the connection and allow the admin console to reset and listen for the port)
6. Restart Client workstation
7. Verify all websites are restricted or allowed from client workstation web browser.
8. Have other workstations restart their workstations to refresh application and push forward their configurations back to the Admin console (restart not, sign out)
Other things to be aware of: Client Workstation service - task manager: Rnappp7.exe
Admin services: echoComm.exe
Windows Firewall - Domain and Private must be off and public must have an exception from echoComm.exe
Admin Console - set application detection to option "two" (monitor specified applications. (Options Tab ->)

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